Priceless memories come at a cost





Rent out the whole space for:

  • R1400 per night (Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights)
  • R1200 per night (Week nights)

This space is ideal for 4-6 people. One extra mattress is provided. Additional people can camp with their own gear, but this will have to be arranged in advance. Please note that there is only one bathroom which can make it uncomfortable for more than 6 people.

Please note

  • Minimum stay of 2 nights over weekends and school holidays
  • Minimum stay of 3 nights over long weekends
  • No electricity, but very basic lighting on pathways and over kitchen table. We still recommend that you bring extra lighting as well as insect repellent
  • No bedding
  • A small very basic fridge has been installed (can be set to freezer mode)
  • Basic kitchen and hot shower

Note: If you are on your way to a guest house in the Kruger and you have no other option, we can arrange bedding sets to rent at an additional R150 per set for the duration of your stay. This has to be arranged in advance and no requests for bedding upon arrival will be entertained

No option to rent mosquito nets.